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CZee Networks NEWS

Latest Updates from CZee Networks

Announcing OFF DUTY-Plus
CZee Networks and MilitaryTimes have recently launched a unique content/lifestyle site exclusively for CZee Networks customers.

Through an agreement with Gannett Government Media, CZee Networks customers will now have access to content assembled especially for U.S. military service members. Called OFF DUTY-Plus, this lifestyle website and user community will feature news, reviews, contests and interactive activities designed for today's service member. Check out the links to OFF DUTY-Plus on the CZee Networks Customer Portal Pages.

Coming Soon. Watch for special offers and promotions from OFF DUTY-Plus and CZee Networks.

CZee Networks - Not Just Wi-Fi.
Wired Data Ports Now Available in Many Dorm or Barracks Rooms
If your Barrack or Dorm has CZee Networks service, and your room has a live Data Port,  you may be able to connect to the Internet using an Ethernet cable.  Use the network connection utility on your laptop or PC to configure a LAN or High Speed Internet Connection. Connect and launch a browser. If CZee Networks service is available, you will see our Customer Portal. From the Portal you can purchase a plan and login. If Wi-Fi service is also available, your CZee Networks plan will allow both Wi-Fi and Wired access to Internet.

CZee Networks Expanding Coverage
Over the coming months CZee Networks will be adding new dorm and barracks locations to the CZee network at Army Installations around the country. Check our service location list regularly to see if your Installation, barracks, dorm or housing unit has been added.
Remember, CZee Network plans allow access at any location where CZee Network services are available.