HELP. And Frequently Asked Questions

What is CZee? What services does CZee Networks provide?
CZee Networks is a service available to military service members providing access to the Internet for laptop and mobile device users, and use of PCs for web access, gaming and printing. In some locations, laptop Wi-Fi users can print to CZee CyberZone printers.

NOTE: A data transfer allowance is now in effect in several locations. See Q&A below to learn how the data allowance works.

How do I connect?  

Wi-Fi Networks
Most of our locations provide access through Wi-Fi access points. Follow steps below to connect.

1. Enable your hardware
Make sure your laptop or device is Wi-Fi enabled and is equipped with a standard Internet browser such as IE or Firefox.

2. Connect to the CZee Network
Using your wireless connection utility, verify you have acceptable signal strength. Select SSID: CZeeWiFi and activate the connection.

3. Launch your browser
If you have configured your device correctly you will be redirected to our customer portal.

4. Choose your plan
From the customer portal you can see the range of plans we offer and select the one that best meets your needs. Pay for your plan with VISA or MasterCard. Remember and protect any access codes, IDs and Passwords you use to set up your account.

 Wired Data Networks
Some of our barracks and dorm locations may have wired network connections to the Internet. Check to see if you can connect to the CZee Customer Portal. A CZee Networks plan will allow access through both wired and Wi-Fi connections. Follow steps below to connect.

1. Setup your hardware
Confirm your device is configured to allow a wired connection to the Internet. Using an Ethernet cable, connect your laptop or other device to the wall jack or available data port.

2. Launch your browser
If you have configured your device for Ethernet access you will be redirected to our customer portal.

3. Choose your plan

How does the service work?
Customers can purchase from a wide selection of plans and packages. Wi-Fi and Wired Internet access is purchased in convenient time increments such as 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week or 30 days. Other options include annual plans with monthly credit card billing. CZee CyberZone PC usage is paid for at a per minute rate. Customers add funds to their account and as service is used the account balance is reduced.  Depending on the type of plan purchased, options allow Wi-Fi users to purchase PC time and printing by adding these consumable items to their plan. Check the CZee splash screens for specific plans, options and pricing.

My NAT is set to strict?
Currently we cannot open ports to devices in the CZee network.

Where can you find CZee these services? Where can I use my account?
CZee Networks services are available on most major Army garrisons and many Air Force Bases. Service is also available on some Marine Corps and Navy installations. Working with the EXCHANGE, CZee networks is expanding coverage, adding more barracks and dorm locations to make Internet access more convenient. A CZee Wi-Fi account can be used wherever there is a CZee Network connection - either Wi-Fi, wired or public area Hot Spot.   The CZee website, has a list of installations where service is available.

How do I purchase services? What does it cost? Can I pay with cash?
You can pay for CZee services through the online customer portal available at each service location using major credit cards.  Fees for Wi-Fi and Internet access range from $3.50 per hour to $35 per month. For CyberZone PCs, the rates are as low as $.15 per minute. Even less with volume discounts.

For CZee CyberZone computer access, customers can pay with a credit card or cash where bill acceptors are available.

Why aren’t Internet services free?
CZee services are provided under contract agreements with the EXCHANGE, MWR or directly with an Installation. CZee Networks invests in the communications circuits, network infrastructure, hardware, game software, maintenance and support of the service. No taxpayer funds are used.  CZee pays a fee for the privilege of providing services. A percentage of that fee is then redirected back to fund morale, welfare and recreation programs

Most military installations do provide free access to the Internet at libraries or community and recreation centers through MWR or Air Force Services.

Are there any limitations on how much data I can download or upload?
Many plans have no fixed limit on the amount of data users can transfer (up and down). For those plans, CZee Networks has a policy that states users will not use or abuse the network in a manner that limits the enjoyment of other users. To track usage and potential abusers, we have a 30 GB per month data threshold. We track and monitor data usage to identify those who exceed that threshold. If after a warning, abusers continue to exceed the threshold we reserve the right to cancel the account. CZee Networks will offer new plans with the option to purchase additional data transfer capacity.

Effective in October 2012, plans available in some locations will now have a fixed 30 GB data transfer allowance per month with the option to buy additional data transfer capacity. Only a very small percentage of our customers come close to exceeding this allowance, so the new plans will not affect the great majority of our customers.

Please see the plan descriptions for plans offered at your specific location to see those which include the 30 GB data allowance.

How will the 30 GB data allowance plans work?
Data usage (both download and upload) related to your account and your active plan will be tracked.  Your current usage summary will be displayed on your personal ACCOUNT INFORMATION pages in the CZee Networks Portal. You can monitor your own data use from there.

When your usage reaches 80% of the 30 GB allowance (or 24 GB) we will send an email alert to the email account you used when you purchased your plan. You then have the option to purchase more data transfer capacity at $5 for each additional 10 GB. To buy more, login to your ACCOUNT INFORMATION pages. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Data Transfer capacity does not carry over from month to month with monthly billing plans and additional transfer capacity purchased will expire at the end of the 30 day period in which it was purchased. In all cases, Data Transfer capacity expires when your active plan expires. For example: If you have a basic 30 Day Plan (30 days only) and you have used over 30 GB before you reach 30 days and your plan expires, you will need to purchase additional  Data Transfer capacity in order to access the Internet. When your 30 day plan expires the unused data capacity you purchased does not carry over to new plans. If you have a Monthly Plan (with automatic monthly billing periods) and you exceed the monthly allowance before the next billing period, you will not be able to access the Internet until you purchase more Data Transfer capacity. Data capacity does NOT carry over to the next billing period and you will begin the next period with a 30 GB allowance.

Users are encouraged to monitor their usage and plan additional data purchases carefully.

To buy more data transfer capacity first you will need to ADD FUNDS to your account. Go to the ADD FUNDS tab in CZee Networks portal and add funds needed to purchase your extra data at $5 for 10 GB. Follow the on-screen steps and log out. When you next login, your new data allowance will be displayed on your ACCOUNT INFORMATION pages.

For help adding more data capacity to your plan please contact Customer Support toll free at 866-368-1338.

Can I use my smart phone or other device?
Most Wi-Fi enabled devices that can display a browser should be able to access the service. You will need the browser to view the customer portal purchase and login screen. Using CZee Wi-Fi with smart phones will give you a better connection to the Internet and the data you transfer may not be charged to your phone’s data plan. (Check your cellular contract for details.)

How many devices can I connect to my Wi-Fi or wired connection at one time?  How can I use more than 1 device at a time?
Today, CZee plans include authorization for one device at a time to connect as long as the user logs in using their User ID and password. You may use the same credentials to connect with other devices such as smart phones, as long as you use only one device at a time. The option to connect multiple devices at the same time will be available soon.

Does CZee filter or block any websites?
CZee does not filter or block websites where service is offered in private areas such as dorm rooms. However, in public areas such as EXCHANGE food courts, recreation centers and coffee shops, CZee does filter adult content, gambling sites and peer to peer sharing which are inappropriate for public areas

Do I have to log in every time I want to use the service?
Yes. Users must login and log out of each session. The system will automatically log users off after a 1 hour period of inactivity.

How do I create a password? What if I forget my password or temporary access code?
When purchasing the service, users are given an access code to gain access. Once logged in users create their own password and secret question on the user account management screen. If you forget your password, you must call customer support and ask that it be reset.

What if I don’t know how long I will be at my duty station? How do I cancel service if I move, deploy, transfer or I am discharged?
We offer a wide selection of plans that should meet just about every need. From pay-as-you-go to annual plans. Because we have service available at many installations, there is a very good chance you will find CZee access at your new assignment and you can continue your service. If you are deploying, transferring or being discharged we can cancel your service and end recurring billing. All we need is a fax copy of your orders. There is no cancellation or early termination fee.  Fax your orders to 860-628-3680.

Can I use CyberZone PCs with my Wi-Fi account?
The CZee CyberZone PCs and Internet service all run on the same integrated network. Some plans are available that allow access to both using the same account. All Wi-Fi plans give customers the option of purchasing PC time and printing and using the same login credentials anywhere.

How do I print from my laptop using my Wi-Fi account? How do I buy Wi-Fi printing?
Printing from your laptop is easy. First check your account management screen to make sure you have enough pages in your printing consumable. You will need to install our generic printer driver on your laptop following the on-screen instructions. Next select the nearest printer and print your page(s). A pdf version of your job will print to the printer you selected. To protect your privacy do not print to an unattended printer.

If I have technical or billing questions or need other help who do I contact?
Customers can contact our support team at, or call our help desk at 866-277-1338.

Fort Hunter Liggett Customers
If you are stationed at Fort Hunter Liggett, and you are a permanent party housing unit resident, and you need help or wish to purchase TV or cable Internet service please call 866-368-1122.